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BLOOD QUEEN : Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek #1

“You’re supposed to fill my emptiness!” She spat out with disdain as boiling anger quickly replaced her desire for him. “You’re here, but it’s like you’re not! I had a vision – or a dream – of us – your wings closing around us so we were in our own damned world, my legs tight around your waist as you fuck me like I belong to you above anyone else. We’re made for this, so why won’t you give in??”

Bleed – Sneak Peek #2 and SPECIAL SURPRISE!

Another temporary place to crash, forever abandoned because of that bastard’s relentless stalking. Why did Colt even care? She was saving lives and ridding the world of scum. The lackluster Seattle Police Department should be sending her a thank-you card for doing a job they didn’t have the balls to do themselves.