Dark World : An Author’s First Thoughts

About a month and a half ago I magically awoke with an image of a new character swimming around in my head. As I rose from bed, stretched, brushed my teeth and did my hair, the life of this character slowly started to become clearer and clearer and suddenly it happened – a novel idea! See what I did there? See..? Word puns are my favorite. I am not at all ashamed to geek out when it comes to language.

I knew that the way I wanted to weave this plot was going to cause it to be quite a bit longer than a typical novel. My mind drifted backward to my creative, quirky childhood as an obsessive reader, and I thought about how Stephen King released The Green Mile as a series of novellas. Together, it was one cohesive prose but it was able to be broken down into mini stories and themes within the overall story. I decided thats how I wanted to write and release this series.

Then by some miraculously timed twist of fate, I was browsing Twitter as I often do to waste time and I ran across a mention of a writing platform called channillo. I investigated and discovered that its a new platform being formed and geared for people who are writing an ongoing series like mine. Basically you apply to be an author by pitching your plot etc, and if you get accepted, you get to release your series as you write it. Readers pay a small subscription fee to the site and based on their subscription cost, are able to subscribe then to a number of different series. You as the author get royalties depending on how many readers subscribe specifically to your series. It seemed like the PERFET fit for me to launch “Dark World!” I applied and waited less than a day to find out I had been accepted. YAY!! 

The site is still under construction and as of now, is set to officially open on March 30, 2015. I plan to immediately release the prologue and first chapter of the first installment of my series, and then I will update either weekly or twice a week (I am hesitant to commit to twice a week simply because I am starting a new, full time job very soon and that will limit my time. I don’t want to promise twice a week and then fall behind, thats unprofessional) with new chapters. If I end up updating weekly (thats what its looking like at this time) I will try to make sure the chapters are lengthy and filled with plot points to keep the readers interested.

In addition to the weekly updates on channillo, I will be releasing each completed installment (novella) on Amazon Kindle, and possibly in print although at this time I haven’t decided on that yet – it will depend on how many people are interested in my series, etc.

Just finishing and releasing a novel is a huge commitment in itself, but committing to a series like this is a huge deal and I am both excited, and eager, to have such a unique opportunity in which to release this new endeavor and hopefully build a reader-base.

Definitely check out channillo even if you’re not interested in my particular series, because a lot of amazing authors will be contributing!!

If you are by any chance curious about “Dark World”, check out its teaser page here on my blog, then subscribe and stay tuned for more updates!!

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