DailyBlog : Dying Young And Living Differently

*As a belated 2015 New Years Resolution, I decided I would write a daily (or, almost daily, I know some days I just won’t be able to find the time) blog answering a thought provoking question from a long list of questions I found here in a quest of self exploration.

Today’s Chosen Question :
If the average human lifespan was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

This question is a stumper. I suppose the only things I would do differently is make it an absolute priority to actually schedule and accomplish the “things I want to do before I die” list that EVERYONE has in some form or another; things like skydiving and hang gliding etc. Ive done a few of those things, i.e. tattoos, bunjee jumping etc but skydiving and hang gliding haven’t happened yet. I suppose in general, I would just make a priority out of schedule those “someday when I have the time/money/motivation” things and not put them off with that claim of someday. But in other ways… I have already recently made a point out of doing other things I have wanted to do because who knows how long we are going to live? I could live to be eighty or I could die tomorrow (I know I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs how I have this inexplicable feeling that I will die in my fifties from cancer) but who knows? I think you should always try to live your life not assuming you have forever and countless somedays to do the things you want to do because life is NOT predictable in any way.

Sorry this is a short blog but I just don’t have a whole lot to go on about with this question.

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