DailyBlog : Less Work or Work That You Enjoy

*As a belated 2015 New Years Resolution, I decided I would write a daily (or, almost daily, I know some days I just won’t be able to find the time) blog answering a thought provoking question from a long list of questions I found here in a quest of self exploration.

Today’s Chosen Question :
Would you rather have less work or more work you actually enjoy doing?

I might have answered this question differently in the past but today I definitely say door number two. If what you are doing doesn’t feel like work because you really enjoy it, is it any different than “less work”? We associate the word Work with something we have to do, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. I have had my share of shit-jobs in the past, jobs where you go in, do a job, and get a paycheck but you yearn for days off, dread the moments where you have a whole work-week ahead of you and when you aren’t working you think about anything BUT work. I guess now I am lucky, I have a job with the nicest people ever, doing something I really believe in and stand for, and its the kind of thing that a lot of people DO do for free, i.e. our company has a lot of volunteers and I happen to be a lucky person who gets a paycheck for being there. But even if I wasn’t, I would probably still volunteer there because the work we do saves and improves lives and does so in a method that I really support. I actually look forward to going to work, I love the hilarious people I interact with every day and it doesn’t feel like a chore, and then twice a month a bunch of money goes into my account and its like, OH! Snazzy! So really, just find something you love doing, and do that for your work and it will never feel like you are being forced to do something to get a paycheck. You’re just enjoying your life and there is suddenly money in your bank!

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