DailyBlog : How To Scare Someone

First : Get drunk.
Second : Get off of the elevator in a 250 unit fancy downtown apartment on the wrong floor.
Three : Mistake someone else’s apartment for yours, because you are on the wrong floor.
Four : Be confused as to why your key is not opening their door, and fiddle with it so that the person sound asleep in their new downtown apartment wakes up the the sound of their lock being fiddled with.

So…. yep, that just happened. I almost had a heart attack. Hello, neighbor. By the way. NOT. YOUR. APARTMENT!

To top off this adventure, I was woken from having a nightmare that I had created this fictional world and it came to life around me, and I was dating someone, and we were exploring, and then one of the characters kidnapped my boyfriend, held me hostage and told me that I had to marry and have a child with another particular character and if I cooperated, MAYBE three years later he would release me and I could return to my real boyfriend.

Joke’s on them, I have terrible genetics.

So….. this has been an interesting night, and tomorrow I get to be chased by a zombie. Weeee!

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