DailyBlog : Being Assertive For Yourself

I have always maintained that it is important to stand up for what you believe in no matter what. If you see injustice, speak up about it.

There have been a few times over the past few years in which I have done so, and looking back on those times, I find that my belief in doing this is even more affirmed. While involved in a fandom (eye-roll, eep) standing up for what you believe in may be a disaster because if professionals are behaving with blatant favoritism and consciously ignoring or even rewarding crazed behavior from others, they don’t want to be called out on it. Pointing this stuff out may only get you attacked.

But in the real world where adults live, doing so insures you have a genuine and positive life. When I think about something I have in my life right now that is very important to me, I am reminded that had I not spoken up for something I believed in, had I not gone ahead and addressed an issue instead of just letting it go, or grumbling about it behind others backs, I would not have this thing that means a lot in my life. When I brought attention to an issue, I was careful about my wording and I addressed the issue honestly but with respect. The response I got was appreciation from the person whom I addressed the issue with. This person might not have agreed with my points of view, but they respected the fact that I cared enough to bring  up the issues that I did, and because of how I handled the situation (this directly from the persons mouth) she decided to offer an opportunity to me which I accepted.

The lesson in this is that while the world is a messed up place, but you don’t have to accept it as is. You don’t have to sit back in some greedy corporation and allow your boss to shit on you, kissing his ass to his face and grumbling about the mistreatment behind his back. Some companies are corrupt, others are not. If you want to work for a boss that values you, they will pay attention when you speak your mind and they will encourage you to stand up for yourself. If you are in a relationship, or even a friendship, with someone that either puts you down or is selfish toward you (trying to get you involved in their personal interests while putting yours down, etc) you do NOT have to make excuses for them or accept it.

Its wonderful right now to be living in a world that is as it should be. No – I don’t mean the entire world, but when you are in a position where people don’t treat you with the respect you deserve, or when you are surrounded by mean-spirited people or hypocrites or anything else, GET RID OF THEM and don’t let them or anyone else make you feel guilty about it. You have a right to value yourself as a person, to make choices that are consistent with how you want to see yourself as well as how you would like others to see you, (keep in mind that the only opinions that matter are opinions of genuine people) and to take anyone or anything that is sitting on your metaphorical desktop without a positive use and drag it to the trash bin and thehttps://wordpress.com/post/86209287/new/#n click ’empty trash.’

When you draw firm, thick boundaries around yourself – you suddenly find yourself living in a world that respects you, values you, and is fair. All else can stay in the dumped out trash where it belongs.

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