I need to vent a little bit.

Kim Davis, I’m not going to argue about your opinion that “God disagrees with same-sex marriage.” I vastly disagree with your opinion, but whatever.
What I am going to say is that your supposed religious convictions might be a bit more believable if you didn’t have multiple divorces. So divorcing, aka failing to adhere to your marital vows is okay because men are your opposite sex? Mkay. Go sit your ass down. Your refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses is NOT due to “religious conviction”, its due to prejudice, discrimination, fear and hate. Everyone knows it. Quit trying to pretend otherwise, it makes you look even uglier.
Also, to the misguided people that “support” you, since you also claim religion as the reason for your support, let me ask you a question :
Would you support an islamic man if he refused a drivers license to a woman because of his “religious beliefs”? Because guess what, in this world you don’t get to pick a fake reason to cover up your hate. If you truly believe that people should be able to do what they want according to their religious beliefs, then you would respect the perpetrators behind mass murders who truly believe they are doing what God wants. Honestly, if you want me to believe that you support people bringing their religious beliefs into the work place and having those beliefs override law, then look me in the eye and tell me that you are okay with 9/11 because those people believed they were honoring God, and you support their choice. Really, tell me that, and THEN I will believe you.

Josh Duggar. I was sickened and horrified when you were outed for molesting five young girls, four of them being your own sisters. What really freaked me out was that you have four young children of your own, now. Are they being protected from you? I sure haven’t heard anything about an order of protection being granted for your children, nor have I heard anything about your wife leaving you. What you did makes me sick to my stomach, but she knows what you are and she allows you to be a live-in father with those children? I don’t know much about your wife, but anyone who knows that someone is a pedophile and allows them free access to their own children is either a very sick person themselves, or a mental slave, incapable of reason, logic, or making safe decisions for themselves or their family.

Then we come to even more scandals with you : The fact that you use online profiles and hook up with porn stars to cheat on your wife with.
1. What is with all of the sex scandals? I could be off base, but pedophilia, porn stars… you’re either a very ill sex addict, or maybe a closet homosexual who is acting out in all sorts of perverted ways in order to avoid facing you who truly are. We all know that in your “religion” aka Cult, homosexuality is completely and absolutely forbidden and you would basically “go to hell” for it. It would make sense that you have an extreme amount of self hatred and the desire to punish yourself for who you are (so sad) But you need to pick your poison, so to speak, because regardless of the very twisted sense of morale that your cult teaches by claiming homosexuality is a horrible sin, molesting young girls and cheating on your wife with porn stars is HURTING PEOPLE and DAMAGING PEOPLE FOR LIFE. Do you get that? If you are gay, you are hurting NO ONE. You are just being yourself.
Those girls you molested will NEVER BE THE SAME. They will never fully trust another human being. Maybe they will not be able to enjoy sex the way a person should be able to, or they will see it as a “woman’s obligation to her husband” and nothing more (which is part of what your cult teaches, anyway.) They are damaged by what you did for their whole lives, and they are raised in a cult that teaches them the abuse was their own fault. God this all just tears my heart apart.
As for your wife –
Raised in the same cult as you were, she believes that men are more valuable and its the wife’s job to ‘serve” the husband. From what supposed sources say, she is blaming herself for your deviant behavior with the very twisted and wrong reasoning of “if I was a better wife, my husband wouldn’t have had to look elsewhere to satisfy his needs.”
That also makes me sick to my stomach. Its disgusting that she would be raised to believe things like that, its extreme psychological abuse.
Now you have four young children whose father is a pedophile, a cheater, and maybe a sex addict – and a mother who will teach them that its the woman’s job to satisfy the man and any abuse they take at the hands of a man, they brought on themselves by not being good enough wives.
The state might be flawed and idiotic enough not to take your children away from you and protect them physically and psychologically, so they will be just as messed up as you are. And that’s sad. Its a tragedy, and it doesn’t have to happen. That’s the saddest part of it all.
FIGURE YOUR SHIT OUT. MORE CULT BRAINWASHING IS NOT GOING TO FIX YOU OR HELP YOU. You, your wife, and your children need to leave this harmful cult and go into very intensive de-programming therapy, because that is probably the only slight chance you have at any form of rehabilitation so that you can be safe around your children.

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