DailyBlog : Grateful

Answering a question a day off of this list!

Today’s question : What are you most grateful for?

I suppose this probably changes for most people on a daily basis, but trying to be as general as I can, I’m grateful that my self-validation has been reaffirmed over the last year. I’m grateful that the people from my past who deliberately tried to make me feel awful about myself and about sticking to my values have been proven 100% wrong. I’m grateful that I get to spend my days among people who not only tolerate the person I am, but appreciate and value me. They probably giggle at how sentimental and enthusiastic I get just by the basic kindness and respect they show me, but after what I’ve been through in the past, being around people who lift each other up rather than put each other down, people who think about others, and about what’s best for everyone and not just how to get what they want for themselves, etc – it’s not something I will ever take for granted, and it’s not something I will ever forget to be grateful for. I’m glad that I get the opportunity to have a fulfilling life, and I’m grateful that I have seen with my own eyes that what goes around really does come around eventually. We all get what we deserve. For all of those things, I am most grateful.

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