DailyBlog : What Life Has Taught Me

For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : What has life taught you recently?

The most important thing I’ve learned recently is to have a bit of trust/faith in karma, in things happening on a natural path. A large source of my stress, pain and frustration came from seeing shitty people doing shitty things and then getting rewarded for it, but what I failed to realize/take into account is that karma always eventually catches up with people, what goes around comes around, and all the other similar clichés are clichés for a reason. You may get “instant gratification” from scheming to get what you want, but it won’t last.

On the opposite spectrum of that, I’ve seen karma finally catch up to me, in a positive way. For years I kept getting screwed and screwed and screwed by every single person I trusted and it was literally starting to drive me crazy and for a while, I was in a very deep depression. But going through all that I did, I had a heck of a balance in the karma bank and it’s finally been making deposits. It’s like life has finally been saying to me, “Sorry… yeah I know I owe you, here you go!” It’s refreshing to feel like there’s a natural justice in the world, a balance to things. It’s just a matter of keeping that in mind as I go forward and not forgetting that when a person does a slimy thing, even if they get an instant reward from it, karma WILL eventually catch them and the pain they caused others will eventually punch them in the gut (or stab them in the back, eh…semantics), too.

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