DailyBlog : One Thing I Would Change About The World

For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world?

I say “over-judgement” rather than judgement altogether because some judgements are healthy, in my opinion. If we didn’t judge anyone at all, there would be no morality. “You murdered my best friend? It’s cool, I don’t judge.” But over-judgement, aka judging someone’s personal choices when that choice is not hurting anyone etc, that’s what I wish would change.

There are some social constructs and some places which place far less judgement on others, and have minds that are much more open. That’s fantastic. I have managed to settle among people in a location where I feel judgement is a lot more lax.

But it still exists. I’ve seen it around me, in “less in your face ways” but it’s still there, and it does make me frown a little bit.

I guess, ultimately, I just can’t understand either the arrogance, or the HIGH feelings of inadequacy it must take to be a highly judgmental person – either side of the spectrum is stressful and negative. I just think the world at large would be a much more positive place if people looked at others and said, “I wouldn’t make the personal choice you have made for yourself (be in ANYTHING; gender identity, sexuality, “weird” hobbies, food you like, style of clothing, etc, etc, etc) but you do you!” And if people would, quite bluntly, mind their own business. The fact is, NO ONE has walked in the shoes of another, and we all have such unique journeys and paths through life that it seems mind-blowingly absurd to judge another person for almost any choice they make. Who gives a crap if you hate a skirt someone else is wearing? Chances are that person might look at what you are wearing and wrinkle their nose, too. What is it to you if someone decides to physically change their gender because they have always felt they identified with another gender? How does that effect YOU? Wouldn’t you WANT people to feel comfortable in their own skin? Someone did “X.” Okay, but do you know why they did that? Just because you don’t understand a choice someone made doesn’t make it wrong. If you can’t let it go, ask them. Otherwise, back the hell off.

These are all the things that lead to hurt, conflict, negativity in general, pain etc – and if we all just treated each other with a basic level of respect and minded our own most of the time, I honestly think the world at large would be somewhere I would be much more willing to be a part of.

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