DailyBlog : Have You Regretted Things Said or Done

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : Have you ever regretted something you did not say or do?

I am actually VERY known for speaking my mind, and a lot of people don’t particularly like it. But personally, I would rather have someone annoyed with me for something I said they might not like, than be annoyed at myself for always biting my tongue when I know I should say something. Granted, I try to be respectful and very clear in my communication, but no matter how respectful you are, if someone disagrees with you there’s nothing you can do about it.

As for doing – well, I grew up in a world of “can’t.” Family, society, you name it – told me what I am and am not capable of without ever actually giving me the opportunity to prove otherwise. As an adult I am obviously free to make all of my own choices, but the mindset, the mentality, is still something I struggle against on a daily basis. I don’t know that the word “regret” fits how I feel, but any advice I’d give to others is “don’t let anyone else’s perception of you and/or your capabilities define who you are.” Far easier said than done of course, but I think if you want to do/accomplish something and its important to you, go for it and screw what anyone else says. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll know and you can learn and grow from the experience. I’d rather say, “Well that didn’t work out as planned…” than live with “I wonder..”

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