DailyBlog : Who Stands In The Way Of Your Happiness?

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : Who do you think stands between you and happiness?

The answer to this question, for me, varies throughout the years. I know the classic phrase “don’t blame anyone else for your unhappiness”, and I agree and disagree with it at the same time. Sometimes, without meaning to, you may end up finding yourself in a position where something that makes you happy is in the control of someone else. That’s NOT a good position to be in. When you’re a child, unfortunately, your family/surroundings are not something you can help and/or control and they can definitely make or break your happiness.

I think of all of the times, and ways, I’ve been hurt in my life, the biggest way a person can hurt me is by knowing they are standing in the way of my happiness and deliberately, usually for very selfish reasons, intentionally keeping that thing away from me/me away from that thing.

As of right now, no one is standing in my way of anything but I’ve had to work pretty hard to get to that place in life. I’ve had to cut a LOT of people out of my life, I’ve had to avoid like the plague anything/anyone that makes me feel overly vulnerable and really make sure that my time is spent where no one can stand in the way of something that makes me happy, if I don’t reach a goal/get something I want, it’s my fault, and not something someone else did to me.

I think ultimately if anyone is standing in the way of something that makes you happy, you need to reassess why that thing makes you happy and probably back away from it and find another road to happiness altogether. You should be the ONLY thing between you and happiness, but you should be helping yourself get there, not preventing it .

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