DailyBlog : What Gives My Life Meaning

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : What gives your life meaning?

First and foremost, animals. The moments when my cat tries to steal food off of my plate after careful slick planning, or when my puppy is so excited that she keeps jumping up in the air but she can’t quite coordinate how to jump up on the bed, or when I’m sad and my older dog quietly curls up to my side. Lily has been with me for five years and she’s seen me through a bad depression and more, and she never judged me, never invalidated me and never let me feel completely alone.

Rue, a tiny sick kitten that no one thought would survive, fighting against the odds and making it because I asked her not to give up. Watching her siblings transform from malnourished feral babies to healthy, confident kittens and then get easily adopted because of how well adjusted they were after spending a few months with me.

I might never have healthy relationships with people, I’m an introvert by nature and traumatized by past circumstances. I struggle to trust anyone and I really suck at reaching out because I’m not resilient and when I get hurt I have a very hard time recovering.

But my relationship with my pets and with animals at the rescue I’m lucky enough to be employed by is completely different, very trust-based, innocent, and positive. Animals are incapable of deceit, their communication/language is expressed in every way except words and it’s pure, honest and open. My heart understands their hearts and in those moments everything in life is perfect.

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