DailyBlog : Is There Such a Thing as Perfect

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I answer a question a day off of this list.

Today’s question : Is there such a thing as perfect?

I think there is, but it only exists in moments, not as a constant. Perfect is sitting on a porch with a martini and your dog by your side, looking up at the sky and for that moment, feeling nothing but complete peace and contentment. Perfect is when you have a day where you felt productive, and when you lay down to fall asleep, nothing at all is nagging at you in the “I should have done this before I sleep” way. Knowing you contributed something to others, and knowing you took care of yourself.

Life is not perfect and never will be, nor are humans. Someone can say the right thing at the right moment, and it makes the moment perfect, but don’t confuse that feeling as that PERSON being perfect because they will say or do something that doesn’t quite fit the definition of that word and you will feel disappointment. Accept that as people, we are always flawed, and that our interactions with people will often miss their mark, and that’s okay.

I guess I’ve learned to embrace the “perfect” moments, but not to allow myself to think they’re something more, or something different than they are. If life was constant in any way, good or bad, it wouldn’t be life, it wouldn’t be living. We suffer through the difficult moments so that we can fully embrace the good ones. At least, that’s now I’ve come to understand what living truly is :).

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