DailyBlog : Quotes That Hit

I was reading this stupid thing because Facebook had it and I clicked on it … and it was about Disney villains (YES I’M WORKING BUT I JUST FINISHED A TASK AND TOOK A FIVE MINUTE BRAIN REST DO NOT JUDGE ME.)

“We also can’t help but get totally grossed out when Belle tries to tell the townspeople that the Beast isn’t some violent monster and Gaston instantly twists her words to make it seem like SHE is the mentally ill one because that is the classic sign of an emotional abuser.”

That really hit home with me in a big way because I’ve been treated like that on multiple occasions throughout my life, usually when I’m confronting a reality no one wants to admit to. (Like calling out someone’s poor behavior toward others.) More than once I’ve been in situations in the past where I’ve been willing to confront an unjust norm, but in doing so, people who were taking advantage of said norm felt threatened and their reaction was, of course, to vilify ME. “How DARE you say such an untrue thing!” The saddest aspect of situations like that is that you find out how many people see exactly what you do, and contact you privately to give you a pat on the back but they are too afraid to support you in public because they know they will be reacted to in the same way I was.

Emotional Abuse. Let’s all call it what it was/is, no sugar coating, no trying to make excuses. Thank you, random Disney-related quote, for putting reality in such blunt, simple and completely true words. Let’s just take the word Emotional off of it as well because does the type of abuse matter? Isn’t abuse just – abuse?

Abuse me all you want, but I have never been the type to stay quiet during an injustice no matter how difficult others have chosen to make my life because of it. I don’t anticipate that will ever change about me, and I’m glad.

Back to work >>.

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