DailyBlog : Please Help My Friend Morgan

I have been in very low places in life. That’s what happens when you live life not just “by the seat of your pants” but with your heart on your sleeve. I have had highs and lows that even blow my own mind. At my worst times, I have self-harmed. I have sunk so low in depression that I have very seriously considered suicide. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been taken advantage of, I’ve been betrayed by friends I trusted. I had a difficult childhood due to abusive / neglective parents, and due to other factors I don’t want to talk about right now because it’s not relevant. I am an incredibly sensitive person who isn’t very resilliant, and that has made a large chunk of my life a very big struggle. My point with this is, however, that right now I’m NOT in a low place.

But my heart is still breaking, because a friend that I care about, is. She just lost someone – something – more than just one person, basically, her whole world. She is devastated, shocked, hurt, sad, but most relevant to this blog, now without a real place to even live other than crashing on someone’s couch with her two rescue dogs who mean the world to her.

I am so glad that I am in a place where I can, in turn, help someone in need, and I know how difficult it is to be in that place because I’ve been there, too. But I don’t have the means to help her singlehandedly. So I’m asking, if anyone reads this who is also in a stable place in life, if you could think back to a time when you or someone you knew was struggling in every way possible and that struggle was so unforeseen for them that they had no backup plan or way to prepare for it, if you could find empathy in your heart for someone you obviously don’t know, but someone who I feel so lucky to know because this person has such an amazing, courageous heart, and her talent – WOW, it is unbelievable. She paints, and her paintings stir up emotions in me that I barely knew existed. That isn’t just talent, that’s the kind of gift that is literally a miracle. She is going to change the world someday, I know it.

I’m asking strangers who have never met my friend Morgan, who have never met ME, to help her.

Here’s the last piece of this :

Morgan has this amazing, incredible painting that was appraised at over eight THOUSAND dollars. She was going to sell it, for only 2 thousand (only one FOURTH of its worth) because that’s what she needs to get back on her feet, get a deposit down on an apartment, etc. But I know that painting means the world to her, and another amazing friend of ours took it upon herself to decide that we should try and crowdfund the money for her so she doesn’t have to part with this painting. She is already in a struggle, she shouldn’t have to lose one more thing that is literally a part of her soul. So I’m literally appealing to you, strangers, to please help someone in need who would, without question, help you if the situation was reversed.

You can help Morgan by donating here.

I know without question this would mean the absolute world to her.

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