“Amethyst” – 10 Day Countdown!

I’m s00per exc1teD – Ten days and counting until my new short story “Amethyst” is released on #Kindle! It will be available for download on December 29th, 2017.

“Amethyst” is a short story that takes place in the Dark World universe. The core novels in the series are all told through the point of view of one specific character, but as I continued writing, I realized how much the other minor characters and their stories and motivations perked my interest.

“Amethyst” will be the first of several short stories that will serve as companion stories to the main series. I’m very excited for the opportunity to give these minor characters their own voices and also to give you, the readers, more insight into how the Dark World Universe became what it is.

Stay tuned to my blog here for The Countdown, the next 9 days leading up to the release of “Amethyst” will be filled with author insights, sneak peeks, and more!

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