“Amethyst” – 8 Day Countdown

Only eight days until “Amethyst”, a companion story for my Dark World Series, is released on Kindle! Did I mention it’s going to be FREE to download? 🙂

Cringe-worthy prose :
This short story is darker than the core novels, but it’s still just as honest to the plot as Ruby’s interpretation of the events. (Ruby being the main character of the core novels, it’s her POV the main story is told through.) Amethyst is a character who has experienced the darkest, most depraved aspects of the world throughout her life (2058 – 2078) whereas Ruby was raised ignorant and innocent until she began to discover the truth.

What I love about Amethyst is that despite the darkness and depravity that surrounded her from a very young age, she wants to do the right thing. The way she executes her choices doesn’t exactly show it, but she does the best she can. Ruby of course sees Amethyst as just as much of a villain as her mother Commander SueLee, but little does she know that Amethyst actually helped her to survive her imprisonment.

Because of the darker tone of this particular character’s story, I’ve had to really tug at my creativity in order to adequately allow my prose to produce the cringe-worthy feelings accurate to Amethyst’s life experiences. Here’s a short sneak peek of something that made me cringe just to write it :

“As the first flame licked the skin of Amethyst’s arm with it’s searing tongue, she began to scream. The stinging burst of pain was greater than she could have ever imagined and even though her mind quickly retreated to its feral, survival-based instincts, she was unable to coordinate her body to push the button that would free her. The flames ate her through her clothes and the rancid smell of burnt flesh permeated the air around her. Her knees gave and her flame-engulfed body fell to the floor. The very last thing she felt was the hot flames melding with her own screams as the sinister concoction vibrated in her, out of her, and through her. There was room for nothing else.”

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