Amethyst – 1 Day Countdown

Here it is, one day until the release of my short story, “Amethyst”

I’m still (because procrastination is my conjoined twin) trying to fine-tune the prose on my “author’s notes” section before the short story. I’m having difficulty concentrating today, which might have something to do with the four hours of sleep I almost got last night. The world of animal rescue can be stressful.

The more I reflect on Amethyst’s story, the more I feel justified in defending her actions. I realize that from Ruby’s perspective (and from the multitude of things she does not know) Amethyst seems like an awful person, but knowing Amethyst’s story and motivations now, she made an incredible sacrifice for the good of the citizens in The Complex and there are two things that solidify her as a hero to me; 1. No one will ever know about what she sacrificed, and 2. She is aware that everyone will assume that she is motivated by bitter jealousy, which couldn’t be further from the truth. She certainly didn’t do what she did out of the desire for recognition although I don’t even think she herself realizes that. She did it simply because in her honest opinion, it was the right thing to do – the only way she felt she could prevent a further injustice.

I realize this is probably frustratingly cryptic, but after you read “Amethyst” my author-musings will make much more sense. I genuinely hope that as a reader, you discover the same things about Amethyst that I, as the writer, have as I allowed her story to naturally unfold.

It’s so interesting and also quite upsetting how, when we’re missing pieces of someone’s story even if we don’t realize it, we can drastically misjudge literally everything about them.

In less than a day, you’ll be able to read Amethyst’s story, and you can decide for yourself how her actions and choices should be judged.


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