DailyBlog : Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

I got a ton of groceries last week, paid all of my bills for the month, and I had hoped to put more than I usually do into savings this month.

But then I saw Go-Fund-Me’s for animals needing major surgeries, and friends on FB going through really rough financial times and wondering if they can buy bread and eggs so they can have something to eat.

I won’t lie. I’m human, and I’m flawed. I’m really thankful that I’m finally in a place where I’m financially stable with money to spare every month. I have a savings account going and I’d like to add to it every month. But I think about the times in my past when I’ve been extremely pinched for cash, when I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent or buy food, and friends and family helped me out. Sometimes I had to ask, other times, they just helped. Some of them did so selflessly, others threw it in my face later on, but the point is, I did manage to get by even if just barely because of the generosity and compassion of others.

So I calculated approximately how much “extra” money I would have this month and sent some money to friends who needed some help and donated more to pets who need help.

Do I expect a Gold Metal in the mail? Fuck no. I’m not writing this to “brag” or anything of the sort. I just think it’s important to remind people that we’ve ALL gone through hard times, and sometimes we finally catch breaks in life, too. But we need to help each other out in those rougher times or we’ll never get through them. We need to be there for others like others have been there for us. I admit I’m not much of a people-person, I’m an introvert who has trust issues the size of Mount Everest, but in one way or another people need people. I think about the kind gestures of others in times where I’ve really needed help and now that I’m in a position where I’m okay, I’m glad I’m able to turn around and help others, too. I can’t change the way others think or what they do, but as Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Let’s all just help each other get by, now more than ever.

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