DailyBlog : Settling Vs Accepting

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question : What’s the difference between settling for things and accepting the way things are?

I’ll be honest, I have a difficult time with this one. I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life, and as an adult in my 30’s, I’ve realized through all of the mistakes I made that I can’t run from my past, rewind time and pretend the things that happened didn’t happen, etc, and the best, healthiest thing that I can do for myself is just to accept the past and live my present and future life in a way that brings me peace.

I’m content with my life, and I feel that I’m finally fortunate enough to be living my passions. There are things in life, however, that I once wanted, that I’ve had to accept I’ll never be able to have. Sometimes I wonder if I’m settling, and if I am, is that necessarily a bad thing? Or am I simply just accepting myself for exactly who I am and living life in the most responsible way that I can?

I don’t have a definitive answer to this question. Most days I feel content and at peace lately, but there are moments when my thoughts wander and I wonder about the things that I don’t or can’t have. I think, ultimately, if you truly “settled” for less than what you really want, or what you need in order to be happy, you’ll generally feel an emptiness, you’ll feel consistently unhappy. If it’s just once in a while, maybe that’s just a part of being human; having “the grass is greener on the other side” moments. I have them, sure, but I’m not unhappy and I don’t want to actually change my life. Maybe I settled, maybe I accepted, and my life isn’t perfect, but it’s genuine. So call it what you want, but either way, I’m cool with it 🙂



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