DailyBlog : Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom Review


I don’t do “movie reviews” per say but I need to write a few words about this one. Let’s start with the positives.

I actually really love movies that focus on modern science and ethics. This movie’s plot focuses on a question that has loomed since the beginning of the franchise. Jeff Goldblum said it best, “These scientists were so obsessed with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should!” We cloned a sheep twenty years ago. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that underground laps are doing all sorts of fucked up illegal shit involving cloning and gene splicing, who knows what monstrous creatures, even humans, exist in secret labs right now all around us. It’s not like the ‘dinosaurs’ in the franchise couldn’t exist; they’re not actual ‘dinosaurs.’ They’re just giant lizards spliced with frog DNA. It’s public knowledge that we’ve made ‘dinosaurs’ already by reverse-engineering chickens, and if that’s public news, can you even begin to imagine what we DON’T hear about?!

I enjoyed a lot of plot points around the ethics debate. I even enjoyed that they brought to light the fact that a human being in the movie (the little girl) was a clone. That wasn’t the focus of the movie, and that made it even more interesting. It’s just a “side note.”

Lastly on the “plus” side, I LOVE BLUE! It made me want a pet Velociraptor. (Err, I mean, if I could get one as a hatchling so it could imprint on me and not kill me, that’d be good… Hah!)

With that said, what I didn’t like about the film was the constant amped up action sequences. You can only narrowly, miraculously escape death so many times before I’m just rolling my eyes and beyond unimpressed. No one is that “lucky” countless times in a row in extremely deadly situations where the chances of survival are miniscule. Once, okay you were lucky. Twice? Karma REALLY likes you. Three times, okay it’s getting old. Four? Five? Six? YOU SHOULD BE DINO FOOD. JUST STOP.
It not only took away the realism of the story (would’ve been a better story to solely focus on the relatable-to-real-life plot of scientific ethics rather than constant, unrealistic action … things are scarier when they’re more “this could happen.” Take for example the first half of Splice… again I must say that I have no doubt that stuff is going on on in labs all around us. We’ll not talk about the shock-value stupid second half of that movie… but my point is, the constant over-the-top action in JW actually took away from the impact of the film in my opinion. Without all of that insanity (or even just a fraction of it) think of how much less the budget of that film could be… and then I think about the fact that Flint, Michigan still does not have clean water. Yeah, I’m -that- person, but it does bug me to see obscene amounts of money being spent frivolously when we have so many problems in our own country that are being ignored.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, but “less is more.” It would’ve liked it better with less attempted shock-value action scenes. It would’ve shifted the focus more onto a plot that reflects actual ethical questions we must ask ourselves in this modern era of scientific possibilities and discoveries… I may watch it again down the road, but not in the theaters. No regrets in seeing it, but if I had any say, I would’ve made some different choices. 7/10.


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