DailyBlog: What Makes Me Proud

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For the sake of blogging and self-exploration and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question: What makes you proud?

I don’t think I could really use the word “proud” to ever describe something related to myself. If I accomplish a goal, I feel satisfied, I did something I set out to do. Maybe some people would say I’m too hard on myself if I’m satisfied when I reach a goal and disappointed in myself if I don’t, but I just don’t know that the word ‘proud’ adequately describes how I feel in regard to myself.

I feel more confident using that word as it relates to others. I’m proud of people who do good things and work to be positive influences in the lives of others. When one of my dogs was sick a few weeks ago, another one didn’t leave her side, and I was proud of her for her loyalty and compassion toward her sister. That really touched my heart.

Proud is a bit of a strange word. Pride is a concept I’m not all that familiar with, and I’m aware that some people would consisted that humble while others would accuse me of having low self-esteem and/or being too hard on myself. Perhaps I’m overthinking this… but it I don’t think I realized until just now how disconnected I feel with that word. Interesting.

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