Let’s Chat Beechwood: Season 1, Episode 1, Chapter 1

Happy New Years Day everyone, hats off to an awesome 2019! Whether you had a good year in 2018 and are hoping that 2019 is as good or even better, or a shitty year in 2018 and you’re hoping for a break, I sincerely hope it happens for you. I have so many philosophies on how to help make awesome things happen, but that’s not what this particular blog is about.

I’m SO EXCITED to post the very first chapter of my serial fiction, Beechwood! I’m putting this series out for FREE (although volumes will eventually be available on Amazon) on my wattpad. I’m new to the platform so I know that it’ll take a while to build a readership, but that’s okay. I don’t write for the end result, I write for the journey. I write because I love to create and explore humanity and all of its possibilities, good and bad.

So let’s chat about the first chapter of the first episode of Beechwood! I should probably say for those who don’t know that I’m writing this series in the pacing of a TV show, each novalla will be an episode, and there will be twelve episodes per season. I plan to write at least two seasons.

The proglogue already introduced the story premise, but the first chapter introduces two important characters, twenty-one-year-old identical twins Eden and Eloise “Ellie” Atkins. Since wattpad has this cool feature where you can “cast” your characters from celebrities, if this were to ever become a TV show, I would absolutely want to cast India Isely as the twins.

The chapter begins with the girls in seperate rooms being questioned by their “assigned scientist” in the immediate aftermath of them discovering the body of their peer, Zulia Montgomery. Right away you’ll discover that Ellie is kindhearted and sincerely disturbed by the discovery. Although both girls were terrified finding the body, Eden quickly moves past her initial shock and displays her smart yet devious nature. You’ll quickly find out that Eden is the dominant twin, and like so many others in Beechwood, she’s an easy suspect because she has an obvious motive. But is her motive too obvious for someone as smart and arrogant as Eden? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

I have a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy continueing to write this character. She has an inflated ego, but she has flaws as well and I hope to get the chance to allow her to discover and maybe even accept and work around said flaws. Then again, I’m also excited to continue writing Ellie. She’s an intelligent girl, but she also has a moral compass which limits the things that she will be willing to do. Her sense of morality is a large part of what differentiates her from her sister and the dymanic between the two of them as the story continues to progress will be so fun and interesting!

The next chapter goes live on Friday, January 4th, 2019. Get ready to meet a few more new characters and discover another layer as the plot thickens…


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