Let’s Chat Beechwood: Season 1, Episode 1, Chapter 2

The second chapter of the first episode of Beechwood is LIVE!

In the first chapter we meet the Atkins twins, subjects of The ACCE experiments, but in this chapter you’re introduced to the minds of two scientists in The Tower. Eden Atkins may think she’s the one twisting Greer Jeffries around her little finger, but in his mind, he’s the one in charge of their games. To make things even more complicated, his wife believes that she’s the one quietly controlling all of them…

We’re only two chapters in, and already the cat-and-mouse games are showing some of their true colors. That’s really what this series is all about; human nature, inspired by the behaviors called into question by Lord of the Flies, but instead of giving these characters free reign and no rules, there are metaphorical nooses tied around all of their necks. They have to navigate a world of imprisonment washed over as protection, and with limited stimulation, they alleviate boredom by manipulating each other.

Of course, there’s a much more sinister slow-burn plotting aspect to this series as well which is apparent by the very nature of the dystopian setting. In this chapter you’ll also meet Marisol, the wife of Greer Jeffries who is a very brilliant scientist, but through her you’ll see that even the scientists are prisoners and subjects, no one is free from the grasp of the Higher Ups. Who are they? Are they the ultimate control, surpassing the government? What is their endgame with The ACCE?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out, but more importantly, I’ll have to keep writing! I don’t have all of the answers yet. I don’t know every secret of every character, but as I continue writing, they’ll continue to reveal themselves to me. I’m excited for the adventure ahead, and I’m excited to continue discovering how this series will unfold!

Don’t forget that this series is #FREE to read on my wattpad!

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