Let’s Chat Beechwood: Season 1, Episode 1, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of my dystopian murder mystery serial fiction, “Beechwood”, is LIVE on my Wattpad!

I’m excited to move this story forward, but first I had to introduce one more key character into the mix. Claire Cook is “imperfect” in the eyes of eugenic scientists and often overlooked as a “subject” worth closely monitoring, but she has a special gift that she’s managed to hide from them which will end up being a key factor as the mystery continues. To complicate matters, Claire harbors a dark secret, something that she cannot escape from…

One of the most used writing cliches that I’ve heard throughout my lifetime and writing journey is, “write what you know.” This story is fiction and some of the themes and interactions may be perceived as borderline too dark to consider it “young adult,” and yet I feel that it’s important to be real, it’s important to address and confront uncomfortable topics, and it’s important to draw a parallel between the real world and the fictional world because if we’re not careful, something like this dismal future of science without conscienceĀ could happen. For all we know, it could be happening right now.

Claire is a difficult character for me to write because, intentionally, some of her deepest struggles mirror my own experiences. (Many characters in this story are loosely based on people that I’ve crossed paths with in life.) I know all too well what it’s like to feel underestimated and overlooked, but even worse, to feel helpless at the controlling hands of others. Honestly though, I feel like writing her may be easier going forward. Establishing her history was like picking at old personal wounds, but she is an important character within the plot line and I feel like I’ll have a far easier time moving her forward that exposing her past.

Beechwood Flyer.png

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