Let’s Chat Beechwood: Season 1, Episode 1, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of Episode 1 of BEECHWOOD is now LIVE on my Wattpad! That means it’s FREE for you to read! New chapters are posted on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Reminder that Beechwood is serial fiction, a novella series that I’m writing with the pacing of a TV drama. Each novella represents the pacing of an episode, and I plan on doing twelve-episode seasons, with at least two seasons total for this series. It’s a BIG project, but I’m rising up to the challenge!

I’m excited about this latest chapter! After introducing some of the main characters (more to come as the story unfolds, but the characters already introduced are the characters who kick off the beginning of the plot line!), this chapter focuses more on the twin sister relationship dynamic between Eden and Eloise “Ellie” Atkins, and how they’ve had to cope with growing up at the mercy of sociopathic scientists. I admit, even just writing them, that I feel the stress they are constantly under every single second of every single day, but for them, they’ve never known anything different. They feel and respond to the intensity of their everyday lives, but that stress is second nature to them.

Although it’s true that Ellie and Eden are close, they’re quite different. Eden is a known Six, but in this chapter you’ll discover that Ellie finds herself developing senses that she cannot explain. They are both devoted to each other, but Eden views Ellie as sometimes a burden, and at times she also harbors jealousy over Ellie’s non-Six status because the government is less interested in her. Ellie, on the other hand, envies Eden’s natural assertiveness and resilience when coping with fear. This dynamic is so important in so many ways for the girls as the plot continues to progress.

At the very end of the chapter, Eden, a girl who would never normally look twice at someone viewed as inferior, has an involuntarily empathetic reaction to a trauma situation, and this will kick off a bond that will also be so important to the plot going forward.

I love my dystopian Dark World Series so much, but the feel of “Beechwood” is different. The characters are more detached from their emotions out of necessity for their continued survival than the main character in Dark World. Plus, Dark World is solely told through the experiences of one character, whereas in Beechwood, every chapter is told through the eyes of different characters. I love challenging myself as a writer and pushing the envelope on where my comfort level is. I already know where the rest of this episode is heading… 🙂

Stay tuned!

Beechwood Flyer.png

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