Let’s Chat Beechwood: Season 1, Episode 1, Chapter 7

My dystopian, sci-fi serial fiction, Beechwood, is currently FREE to read on my Wattpad! Updates are every Tuesday (or Wednesday this week as I’ve had a crazy week and a half!) and Friday. Season 1, Episode 1, Chapter 7 is now LIVE! (Note, the free version is not professionally edited and minor mistakes I have missed may be present. Each episode will eventually be available on Kindle as well.)

Chapter 7 brings us back to scientists Greer Jeffries and his wife Marisol Wells-Jeffries, and we also get the first glance and understanding of the Higher Ups, aka the people responsible for everything involving the illegal activities of The ACCE. The Higher Ups keep themselves dramatically mysterious to the scientists in order to keep them in line using similar psychological fear tactics that the scientists themselves use on the subjects.

It’s clear that the Higher Ups also don’t know who is responsible for the murder of Zulia Montgomery… and it’s up to the scientists to figure it out in a timely manner if they value their lives.

I find the fragile dynamic between Jeffries and his wife fascinating. In earlier chapters, it’s already established that their “marriage” was actually arranged by the Higher Ups, so I can’t honestly say that they love each other, per say, I don’t know that they’re even capable of love. I’ll have to contemplate that as I continue to develop them. They do care about each other and about their partnership in their own way, however. Normally, they’re open with one another and they trust one another. Marisol is the anchor to Jeffries’ impulsiveness. The end of the chapter raises some interesting questions that I’m excited to continue to explore with these two.

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