Dark World Book 4 Update

I know that book four in my Dark World Series has been a bit delayed. To be brutally honest, I went through a period of months with writer’s block in regard to this series, so I’ve been working on some other things. I want to check in, however, and make sure that I let you all know that I have not abandoned this series, at all. The Dark World Series is something that I began formulating and working on back in 2015. I’d been writing since I was a teenager, yet I never felt so strongly about a story, or so connected to the clarity of unfolding events. I could tell you all that I’m the author of this story, but really, the story exists somewhere beyond myself, and I’m just challenging it / writing it down. At least, that’s how it feels, that’s how the flow began. I took a pause with the series when I felt blocked because I didn’t want to force the story, nor did I want to puppet the characters or make solid decisions. I want the entire story to be told with the flow that it began with. I didn’t want my tone as a writer to change halfway through.

I am still plugging through book 4, but like I said, I’m not rushing myself. I’m writing only when I feel the same “flow” that I’ve felt with the first three books. It will definitely be finished and out this year, I just don’t have a definitive date yet. I’m guessing early fall (September, October?) I appreciate your patience for those who have asked. I know it’s a pain in the butt to wait (I want to scream at George RR Martin for the same reason!) but the quality and flow of the story is very important to me. This book will focus a lot on Silver and her heritage, and how that ties into the wider plots and themes of the story overall.

Keep an eye out on my blog and social media for more updates as I keep plugging along!

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