DailyBlog: What Will I Never Do?

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For the sake of blogging, self-exploration, and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question: What will you never do?

How seriously do I need to take this question? Ha, ha, ha. No, but, really! There are many things that immediately come to mind as things that I would never do, but there’s very little that we won’t do as human beings when pushed into extreme circumstances. I’ll take this question into a slightly less existential route than I usually do, and go with a few easier, more obvious answers.

I will never do extreme sports. As I kid I enjoyed skiing, both snow skiing, and water skiing, but after multiple ACL tears and surgeries, on both knees, my body can’t handle that kind of stress. The only sport that I still participate in is horseback riding because the risk is worth it to me.

I will never get a sex change, I have never felt out of place with my body and mind as a ciswoman. (But even that is questionable with the word never, say if we plunged into a dystopian future where women are literally raped and tortured and men are revered… but even then I’d rather fight for my rights? It’s hard to say when it’s not something that we have ever experienced.)

I will never have biological children. I assume that it’s possible that I could at some point in the future date or be in a relationship with someone who has kids, but I myself will never be a biological mother to human babies.

I suppose that’s enough for now, but it does lead to the question of what we would do in different circumstances that we would never contemplate doing in our current lives? A topic for another day, I suppose!

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