DailyBlog: What Book Has Had The Greatest Influence On My Life?

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For the sake of blogging, self-exploration, and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question: What book has had the greatest influence on your life?

Without a doubt, “Flowers In The Attic” by V.C. Andrews. I first picked up this book at ten years old. I was definitely a precocious child; while other kids were watching cartoons I was watching Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street), and while they were reading “The Babysitter’s Club”, I was reading adult lit.

I was intrigued by the heavy character-driven storytelling. (Let’s just ignore the fact that the subject material was definitely not appropriate for a ten-year-old. Again, I was precocious.) I remember saying to myself, “Wow, I can’t wait to write stories just like this.” As an adult in my thirties I don’t write novels in the same genre as VC Andrews, but I have always allowed my inspiration from her heavily character-driven approach guide the approach that I take when I write. “Flowers In The Attic” was the novel that inspired me to become a writer, it is the reason why my series exists.

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