DailyBlog: What is worth waiting for?

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For the sake of blogging, self-exploration, and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question:  What do you think is worth waiting for?

I don’t really understand the realistic concept of this question. I don’t know that anything is “worth waiting for.” It’s great when good things happen, but its a struggle to ‘wait’ for them. So is that struggle “worth” it? Why should we have to trade a struggle for happiness? Why can’t happiness just be a part of us without always having to be counterbalanced by struggle?

I just live my life day by day. If it’s a good day, I make sure that I take the time to appreciate it and embrace it for the positive moment that it is. If it’s a difficult day, I try to push through it as best as I can so that I can look forward to better days to come. In the past I had a lot of ideas in my head of a ‘future’ that I wanted and felt like I deserved (I never wanted anything extravagant) but as it does for everyone, life had its own ideas and far more often than not, it didn’t pan out in the ways I once thought it would. Then I would feel extremely empty and sad. So now, I don’t really look to the future anymore, I just live in the present and I strive to be my most authentic self through both the good days and the bad days.

Wait – it just came to me. What’s worth waiting for? Karma. I know that I mention karma a lot in my personal blogs but its a very big part of my life and belief system. I often wish that karma didn’t take its sweet time, but I do appreciate that eventually, when you do bad things to other people, that negative energy comes around to haunt you. Without karma, everything would be meaningless. I don’t do a happy dance for anyone’s pain no matter who they are, but I will admit that when someone who has done harm to me has that energy circle back around to them, I finally feel like I can move on from the pain that they caused me; it sets me free. Remorse does that as well, but I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t force someone to be sorry or to take any accountability for their words or actions and how those things have affected other people, so the next best thing that I can do in order to heal and move on is to focus on other things in the interim, and then breathe a little easier when karma finally comes back around. I hope that karma helps others grow, as it has helped me, but at least it shows that there is some kind of consequence. In that respect, I guess its worth waiting for.

One Reply to “DailyBlog: What is worth waiting for?”

  1. I think that karma goes beyond good deeds, and a great reflection of us reaping what we sow. Even our thoughts and intentions do manifest in different ways in the future, and every small thing counts. Thanks for this post!


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