DailyBlog: Where would I like to live?

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For the sake of blogging, self-exploration, and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question:  Where else would you like to live?  Why?

This one isn’t so much of a ‘where’ but more of a ‘how.’ I used to dream of being somewhere else, but I’ve ended up back home every time, or at least, my second hold. (I lived in Minnesota for the first fifteen years of my life, but Seattle seems to be Home for me.) If I were ever to live somewhere else again, I’d want it to be more about a big life change rather than a location change. I’d like to live maybe on or near a beach, maybe unplug from technology altogether and live a completely different lifestyle. A different culture. Something more earthy-centric. I don’t know that I’ll ever actually do something like that, but I don’t see myself moving to a different location again for any other reason. There’s plenty of places I’d love to visit and experience, but living somewhere else… that’s a whole new ballgame. Maybe that’s just because this is the place where I finally managed to create a genuine and authentic life for myself, so why would I want to mess with that?

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