DailyBlog: What’s the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done?

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Today’s Question: What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t know what the answer to this is because I used to be very compulsive and spontaneous in my past. I used to travel with pennies in my pocket. I’d hop a greyhound, stay at the cheapest place that I could find, etc. I’d have maybe three dollars to my name by the time I returned. Sometimes these trips would lead to very interesting stories. I once decided to troll an American Idol audition and ended up unexpectedly getting through three rounds of auditions … wearing a vintage dress and holding a stuffed cow. (There’s a long story behind that! Lol.) It was quite interesting standing in front of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul, and a camera to the rest of the world, but at that point I was just like, “WHELP, I guess I’ll just go with it!” (Side note : Luckily, I can carry a tune and have had some experience in the past with studio recording. I definitely don’t have amazing vocal talent, but I wasn’t butchered by the judges despite my absurd outfit, so I’ll take it, haha.) I got my ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ for sure, and I ended up being “fashion policed” in Us Weekly; it was absolutely hilarious.

I also spent the weekend at an infamous hotel after getting seats to the People’s Choice Awards one year. A weird death/murder happened the same weekend that I stayed there, and the last night I was there I was followed back to said hotel by a weirdo and the front desk had to intervene and kick him out. A girl went missing that weekend who was shortly thereafter found dead in the water tank at that hotel, circumstances of her death still unknown / speculated. (Look up Elisa Lam if you’re curious!)

I don’t really get to be spontaneous anymore. I have “adult responsibilities” and no longer have the gusto to just be completely broke and still find something interesting to do and/or somewhere interesting to go. I suppose that’s a gift of being in your twenties that somehow dissipates once you hit your thirties. Sometimes I miss the adventures that I used to have, but I also appreciate the stability I now have. Life’s a trade-off, I guess! Ce la vie.

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