DailyBlog: My Favorite True Story

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For the sake of blogging, self-exploration, and contemplation, I’ve been slowly making my way through answering questions from this list

Today’s Question: What’s your favorite true story that you enjoy sharing with others?

One thing I will give myself credit for is that I have the ability to have fun and amuse myself without worrying so much about what other people think. We all care about what people think of us to some degree, and sure in some ways I’ve allowed that to hinder my autonomous freedom, but I’ve also lived a unique life with some epic stories to tell because I’ve just put all of that aside and said, “Fuck it, we’re doing this!”

I’ve already written out my two “favorite” true stories so I’ll just link them here 🙂

That Time I Trolled American Idol


My Experience at the Cecil Hotel

Despite the fact that I got myself into some pickles in addition to the funny or crazy times, I don’t regret being lost in my 20’s. I learned so much. Granted, I learned it all the hard way, but I don’t know who I’d be without all of those experiences, the good and the bad. I don’t regret taking trips on busses with pennies in my pocket. I don’t regret the best Philly I ever had being at a random truck stop on a greyhound cross-country trip in the middle of nowhere. I don’t regret the people that I’ve met, the interesting things I’ve witnessed, the times I’ve gotten to sit next to super famous people at award shows, or time I had to call the police to help an infant whose mom was passed out with a crack pipe. I’ve glimpsed so many spectrums of life and its really helped me to decide what kind of person I want to be, where I fit in the world, and what matters the most to me. Those two stories stick out as most unique when it comes to stories that might interest others, but man, I have SO many stories that are such an important piece of who I am that I wouldn’t know where to start if I dived past the most outwardly interesting. I’ve lived a full life, that’s for sure.

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