Beechwood Has Begun! – Chapter 1 Author’s Notes – Welcome to Beechwood

After fumbling with this storyline for a few years, I’ve finally managed to find the right home and format for it!

Beechwood stays somewhat with my dystopian tenancies in writing, but whereas my Dark World Series channels the type of possible futures along the lines of The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Darkest Minds, The Mazer Runner, etc… Beechwood channels a style of writing that I was obsessed with a few decades ago, inspired by the character-driven murder mysteries of Marry Higgins Clark. Some of these characters are a bit cutthroat to write as they’re nearly soulless and extremely morally corrupt and/or twisted, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Where does the line between scientific advancement and morality get drawn? Who gets to draw said line, and what happens when the people making the big decisions don’t draw it at all? I suppose even if my series’ differ, they still ask the same basic questions and answer them in a way that scares me about our future. I’m the type of person who endlessly looks for answers about the mystifying human psyche, so I suppose my writing will always reflect that, good or bad.

If you want dystopia mixed with twisted characters mixed with a murder mystery, this series will hopefully deliver. Serialized fiction is definitely an alternative way to publish, but it’s the right fit for the style of this story. I’m interested to see how this adventure will unfold!

Preview the first three chapters for FREE on Kindle Vella!

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