Beechwood Author’s Notes – Chapter 4 – The Defective

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Premise: A small, controlled prison disguised as a town in the near future hides away victims of genetic experimentation. The experiments have caused a multitude of mental anomalies and the government continues to use the victims as lab rats. The story of Beechwood begins with a murder that no one is able to solve. As the layers of perplexity unfold, secrets beyond what goes on in The Tower begin to reveal themselves. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect.


I don’t exactly love admitting this, but I loosely based this character off of myself. I was born with a few physical differences. Although none are extreme, they’re also not things that I can hide. I’ve always felt misjudged and dismissed by general humanity because of them. As these young adults are victims of invitro genetic manipulation and everything about their lives is accentuated, Claire definitely experiences the extreme end of consistently not being treated as if her value was as great as that of her peers. I think we make this detrimental mistake quite often in real life; we often dismiss those that we don’t find “conventionally attractive” and assume that they have less to offer.

While I do want readers to empathize with Claire, I don’t want them to pity her, and she wouldn’t want that either. She may be a little bit bitter about how she’s been treated throughout her life thus far, but she’s not a hateful or angry person. She’s an intelligent and curious young lady who doesn’t know what she’s capable of because no one has ever expected anything from her. She was fond of Zulia from a distance, and although she doesn’t truly believe that she can solve the mystery of her death, that isn’t going to stop her from trying.

I’m looking forward to Claire’s growth as we move forward with her journey. She has a lot more to offer this investigation than she initially realizes and she’s going to make a lot of self-discoveries along the way. I hope you stick with her, because details from her journal that might seem insignificant upon first appearing in the story will prove to be very important in the future. 🙂

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