Beechwood Author’s Notes – Chapter 5 – Trish’s Sacrifice

Beechwood is an ongoing, character-driven serialized fiction drama on the brand new Kindle Vella platform. The first three chapters in every Vella story are free to read! Updates are posted every SATURDAY along with author’s notes here on my blog. Please subscribe to my vella and tell your friends!
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PremiseA small, controlled prison disguised as a town in the near future hides away victims of genetic experimentation. The experiments have caused a multitude of mental anomalies and the government continues to use the victims as lab rats. The story of Beechwood begins with a murder that no one is able to solve. As the layers of perplexity unfold, secrets beyond what goes on in The Tower begin to reveal themselves. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect.


This was such a fun chapter to write! While it didn’t advance the current storyline, it was super important to go back two decades in the past (our present) and provide an answer to the inevitable question, “How would these mothers have gotten tangled up in this to begin with? Why would they allow their fetuses to be experimented on in utero?” It seems crazy, but like many situations, no one knowingly jumps headfirst into danger and disaster.

Patricia “Trish” Montgomery is the mother of Zulia, the young lady found dead (murdered) in the first chapter. This chapter allows you to get to know Trish when she herself was a young woman, married to an older man and desperate for a child of her own. She was having difficulties conceiving, so she attempted a few rounds of in vitro and they didn’t take. She was referred to a very secretive and supposedly renowned reproductive endocrynolost and that’s how she met Bronson, the head of the ACCE (Anterior Cingulate Cortext Experiment). He played on her desperation and vulnerability, and, well… you’ll have to read to learn about the traumatizing event that broke her spirit and caused her to be willing to do -anything- to protect her unborn child. You can assume that most of the mothers were manipulated and terrorized in a similar fashion.

The end of the chapter also provides a terrifying clue as to the potential motivation for Zulia’s murder… again, you’ll have to read to find out!

I’m literally addicted to working on this serial right now, every chapter is a new piece to the puzzle and really expands the complexity and secrets of this story. I have a feeling that “season 1” will take me all year to write and complete, and who knows where these characters may go from there!

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