Beechwood Author’s Notes – Chapter 8 – She’s Just an Experiment

Beechwood is an ongoing, character-driven serialized fiction drama on the brand new Kindle Vella platform. The first three chapters in every Vella are free to read! If you aren’t digging it, there is no risk to you, but if you are, you can unlock each episode with “tokens” bought in bulk. ($5 buys approximately 500 tokens and the most each episode will cost is 50 tokens but many cost much less. It’s great value for your $.)
Beechwood is updated every SATURDAY and author’s notes here on my blog will accompany. Please subscribe to my vella and tell your friends!

PremiseA small, controlled prison disguised as a town in the near future hides away victims of genetic experimentation. The experiments have caused a multitude of mental anomalies and the government continues to use the victims as lab rats. The story of Beechwood begins with a murder that no one is able to solve. As the layers of perplexity unfold, secrets beyond what goes on in The Tower begin to reveal themselves. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect.

I had to squeeze this in as a mini-chapter along with today’s regular update because I just had to know how the twist was going to affect Greer! Right now he seems like the character that people love to hate (with good reason!) so it’s fun to poke him with a stick and see what he does 😉

As I mentioned in my notes for the last chapter, I’m a “pantser” so I don’t have every detail planned out ahead of time, but my brain does a pretty good job of connecting the dots so I’m just as interested as everyone else when it comes to Greer. Will he meet his demise? Will he somehow redeem himself? What about his “relationship” with the twins, how will that continue to play out especially with the twist from the last chapter? This ‘scene’ will provide a tiny glimpse on how the twist is already affecting him, but it’s still open-ended about what that will ultimately mean and where he will end up. ….Enjoy! 😀

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