Beechwood Author’s Notes – Chapter 11 – Testing Day (Part 1)

Beechwood is an ongoing, character-driven serialized fiction drama on the brand new Kindle Vella platform. The first three chapters in every Vella are free to read! If you aren’t digging it, there is no risk to you, but if you are, you can unlock each episode with “tokens” bought in bulk. ($5 buys approximately 500 tokens and the most each episode will cost is 50 tokens but many cost much less. It’s great value for your $.)
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PremiseA small, controlled prison disguised as a town in the near future hides away victims of genetic experimentation. The experiments have caused a multitude of mental anomalies and the government continues to use the victims as lab rats. The story of Beechwood begins with a murder that no one is able to solve. As the layers of perplexity unfold, secrets beyond what goes on in The Tower begin to reveal themselves. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect.

The Anterior Cingulate Cortex is connected to both the limbic system as well as the pre-frontal cortex, so it made sense that when Chanelle lowered Ellie’s medication that she wasn’t aware she’s been getting for most of her life, her emotional stability wavered while her mental abilities began to wake up. As cool as it is to imagine that one day we’d wake up with incredibly heightened senses, precision, and abilities, it’s also important to realize the impact that would have on our mental and emotional well-being. When someone fully abled suddenly becomes disabled, they go through a lot more than just a physical adjustment to whatever ability they lost, be it sight, hearing, the ability to walk, etc. Even medicated, Ellie has remnants of her abilities despite being unaware of her “status” as a “six” and that already causes her emotional well-being to struggle to the point where she is a controlled cutter. Naturally, that issue worsens as her brain begins to “wake up” due to the lowered dosage of the suppressant, pentobarbital.
The inhabitants of Beechwood were definitely a “blind” experiment on Bronson’s part, and unfortunately the girls and their peers are paying the price of such reckless experimentation.
Then there’s the challenge of what Ellie is unintentionally doing to Greer Jeffries, which is another unpredictable factor among her undiscovered abilities. Is it mind control, or is it something else? I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer, and dig a bit deeper, to find out :).

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