I’m SO excited to show off the cover for “Ask Alice” and I’m even MORE excited that it’s finally available for pre-order!!
“Ask Alice” is the first novel in The Tainted Wonderland Series, slated for publication on September 27th.

ARC opportunities are currently available, sign up HERE!

Preorder “Ask Alice” on Kindle HERE!

You’ve never experienced Wonderland quite like this.
Every night since her return to our world, four mysterious men find their way into Alice’s nightmares. Rabbit, Hatter, The Jabberwocky, and Cheshire’s secrets and desires are all that consume her.
On the eve of Alice’s eighteenth birthday, she receives a mysterious key that leads her back down the rabbit hole to a dark and twisty world where four men seek to possess her, and the Blood Queen is out for her head. Let the seduction begin…

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