Jabberwocky Pre-Order is LIVE!

Pre-Order for “Jabberwocky” is LIVE!

I have been so blown away by all of the love “Ask Alice” has received, and I’m even more excited to continue her story and dive deeper into the mysteries of Wonderland and its inhabitants!

When Alice first returned to Wonderland, she found strength through the love and adoration of four powerful, haunted, demonic men. Can she accept the crown and bend Wonderland to her will without losing her mind?
The Jabberwocky, a monster created out of the darkness with a thirst for carnage, chose Alice over his creator, but now he suffers an eternal fate of torture. Alice fears she will never be complete without him, but what will happen to Wonderland if she abandons her people to save him? Is she powerful enough to challenge the fate he chose for himself, or will the Jabberwocky be the ultimate downfall of sweet Alice and the world along with her?

“We’re all villains in someone’s story… maybe even yours.”

JABBERWOCKY is Book 2 in The Tainted Wonderland series, a dark, steamy, RH / Why Choose paranormal romance. Who says adults can’t enjoy fairy tales of their own? 🙂

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