When my characters aren’t cracking the whip at me, I can either be found at my “day job” working as a manager at an animal rescue, or at the barn with my bestie riding our horses. I also have 9 tiny rescue dogs because I’m crazy. Sorry not sorry.

I write dark romance & paranormal romance with complicated, conflicted characters that you’ll love to hate… and you’ll hate to admit that you love them.

I’ve been writing since I was a child. When I was ten, I read “Flowers In The Attic” and determinedly declared that I was absolutely going to be an author when I grew up. Though V.C. Andrews’ “family themes” aren’t my writing cup of tea, her deep-dives into her characters’ inner-conflicts and interpersonal relationships have heavily influenced my character-driven writing style. I like to tow the line between science fiction and paranormal in an attempt to entice my readers to challenge the realities that they’ve come to accept in their own minds. I also like to sprinkle in some dark romance because mysterious, dark, and broody men are irritatingly attractive to me. (I was obsessed with Spike from BTVS when I was a teenager, go figure!) Some of my stories have a little extra steam and spice, you’ve been warned!