Ask Alice

TW / CW – While “Alice in Wonderland” is a tale for children, “Ask Alice” is not. All characters involved are 18+ escept for in flashbacks. Expect sexual content, voyeurism, and mentions of drug use, dubious consent, and self-harm. Childhood abuse is mentioned/inferred in flashbacks.

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You’ve never experienced Wonderland quite like this. 

When Alice was a child, four demonic men and a bloodthirsty Queen held her captive and introduced her to her darkest fears. Now she is all grown up, but the memories of their passionate, inhuman eyes consume her every waking thought.

On the eve of Alice’s eighteenth birthday, a mysterious key leads her back down the rabbit hole into a dark and twisty world where the men that once taught her to fear them now have new lessons for her to learn.

But Alice is not the same innocent, frightened girl that they previously broke. This time, Rabbit, Hatter, Cheshire, and The Jabberwocky will have to play by her rules.

Let the seduction begin…

ASK ALICE is Book 1 in The Tainted Wonderland series, a dark, steamy, RH / Why Choose paranormal romance. Who says adults can’t enjoy fairy tales of their own? 🙂