“James Patterson meets up with Mary Higgins Clark for coffee in dystopia to solve a murder mystery.”

‘Beechwood’ is a character-driven science fiction dystopian serialized fiction series set in a small, controlled town in the near future where the victims of in-vitro genetic experimentation are now young adults. The experiments have caused a multitude of mental anomalies, and those who possess any type of special ability perceived as a ‘sixth sense’ are labeled as Sixes, and heavily regulated and experimented on by the governing scientific community.

The story begins with a mystifying murder that no one is able to solve. As the layers of perplexity continue to unfold, secrets far beyond what goes on in the Tower begin to reveal themselves in the ugliest of ways. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect. The first three episodes are FREE for you to check out!

Beechwood is a serialized dystopian drama chosen to debut on KINDLE VELLA ! It is a TOP FAVED “crowned” serial on the platform! New chapters are added every Saturday.

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Chapter 1 – Intro to Beechwood
What is Beechwood and The Tower? The intro throws handcuffs on you and drags you into this crazy world of underground human scientific experimentation while introducing you to the scientists in charge, and the victims who are imprisoned.
* available now *

Chapter 2 – Zulia’s Body
Meet Eden and Eloise “Ellie” Atkins, the only twins in Beechwood as they shockingly stumble upon the dead body of their friend, Zulia Montgomery.
* available now *

Chapter 3 – Cat and Mouse
Glimpse into the depraved mind of Greer Jeffries, the scientist assigned to monitor Eden and Ellie. Aside from The Tower, Greer likes to conduct his own experiments with the twins to satisfy his curiosity.
* available now *

Chapter 4 – The Defective
Claire Montgomery (no relation to Zulia) is another “experiment” of Beechwood, but something went wrong when she was operated on in utero. She is often ignored by the scientific community and by her peers, but Claire has been observing the residents for years and knows a great many of their secrets. Because she operates under the radar, she believes that within her vast amount of secret observations, she may be able to solve the mystery of who murdered Zulia, and why.
* available now *

Chapter 5 – Trish’ Sacrifice
Why would anyone have agreed to put themselves and their unborn children through such horrific experimentation to begin with? It’s a fair question, but of course, none of the women who joined the ACCE (Anterior Cerebral Cortex Experiments) had any idea what they were truly getting involved in. Meet Zulia’s mother, Trish, who wanted nothing more than to have a child of her own. She would do anything to protect Zulia… and she did. When faced with images of Zulia’s death scene, she realizes that her daughter’s murder has connections to her past.
* available now *

Chapter 6 – Shifting Dynamics
Eden has always been the superior twin and she never expected Greer Jeffries to begin shifting his ambitious eyes toward her sister Ellie. The twins had always been close, but something between them is changing. What is Eden willing to do to win back Jeffries’ attention?
* available now *

Chapter 7 – The Truth about Ellie
Chanelle Wilson-Jeffries married Greer because Bronson, the head of The ACCE and The Tower, told her to. She would do anything for Bronson. She had dedicated her entire life to assisting him with his important, world-changing research. While Greer believes that he controls the twins, he doesn’t realize that Chanelle controls him. She knows a secret about Ellie Atkins that could bring the experiment as a whole to the next level, and the chaos caused by Zulia’s murder is the perfect time for her to begin the next phase of the experiment.
* available now *

Chapter 8 – She’s Just an Experiment
I just had to include this as a small mini-chapter that got posted as a surprise right after Chapter 7. Given the twist that involves Greer and the Atkins twins, I couldn’t go a whole week without letting everyone see Greer’s reaction. What does this mean for the character? I can’t wait to hear what people’s theories are!
* available now *

Chapter 9 – Tattoos
Earlier in the story, it was mentioned that there was a very public trial when the ACCE was outed, and yet we see a lot of the scientists that we know were involved from Day One, including James Bronson himself, actively working in Beechwood and in The Tower. So what happened at the trial? This chapter will give you a hint as to how all of that went down, as well as another clue about the symbols that surrounded Zulia’s body. “The plot thickens…” 🙂
* available now *

Chapter 10 – The Next Generation
Remember when Claire mentioned Felicity’s pregnancy? What happened between Trish’s detainment in The Tower, and her note of warning to Ellie? Meet Willa Green, the mother of the experiment known as Felicity, who will now have to face one of a mother’s worst nightmares.
* available now *

Chapter 11 – Testing Day (Part 1)
The young adults in Beechwood are just “experiments” after all, so they’re regularly tested on like lab rats and today is a testing day for Ellie and Eden. It’s safe to say that this testing day doesn’t go according to plan… what else do you expect when a Six’s mind-suppressing medication is lowered?
* available now *

Chapter 12 – Testing Day (Part 2)
How are Greer and Chanelle handling this wayward day? Things get even more out of hand and off track, but as always, Chanelle is still the ultimate puppet master pulling Greer’s strings…
* available now *

Chapter 13 – Say Goodbye to Normal
Remember Hendrix Joplin from chapter 9? He’s in prison having taken responsibility for a crime that he didn’t commit because the lives of his wife and son were threatened if he refused. He believes that his son thinks he is a dangerous criminal, but it turns out that August Joplin, age 21, has known the truth about his father’s innocence since he was sixteen. The mysterious Asher Chen who used to be cellmates with Hendrix contacts August to reveal an even darker truth about his father and The Tower, and Ash needs August’s help.
* available now *

Chapter 14 – Aftermath
Things got pretty intense for Greer and Ellie, but what consequences will they be forced to endure? Is Greer hijacked and unredeemable, or can his mind be salvaged? What really happened between him and Ellie that night? The truth might be stranger than you think…
* available now *

Chapter 15 – Symbols & Smoothies
Remember Claire from chapter 4? She continues searching through her old journals and finds something that may be a clue in regards to Zulia’s murder. At the first opportunity, she takes the clue to the only person that can potentially tell her what it means. Can she trust Tanner White? Will he betray her? What was the extent of his past relationship with Zulia?
* available now *

Chapter 16 – The Puppet Master
And we’re back with Chanelle! We know by now that she’s pretty much void of conscience, and we get to see more of her controlling and manipulative tactics in how she confronts Greer about his downward spiral in regards to Ellie Atkins, and then she makes a deal with Bronson that will change Greer and Ellie’s lives.
* available now *

Chapter 17 – Handshake
Bronson meets face to face with Greer for the first time in a very long time. Will Greer accept the deal that Bronson is willing to make with him in an attempt to preserve Ellie Atkins’ sanity?
* available now *

Chapter 18 – Fix What You Broke
The twins are my favorite… and the readers seem to feel the same way! Eden is used to being the Six, the twin in control, but everything is changing. How is Eden dealing with the new revelations about Ellie, and her relationship with Greer?
* available now *

Chapter 19 – Unrequited Love
This is the first chapter from the POV of Tanner White. What was his response to the clue that Claire presented him with? What secrets does he know, and what is he willing to do in order to get to the truth about Zulia?
* available now *

Chapter 20 – Strength, Power, Resistance, Perseverance
Our first chapter from the POV of Doctor Lewis Langston, Bronson’s former partner! They split ways in the infancy of the ACCE because Langston didn’t agree with what Bronson was doing to the test subjects that never consented to what he was doing. He knows that Bronson is planning something big with his “army of Sixes” and he’s determined to build up his own army to take on Bronson’s.
* available now *

Chapter 21 – Sleeping Beauty
Greer and Ellie both discover more about the complicated bond that they’ve formed, and they prepare for the dangerous task ahead of them that may threaten Ellie’s sanity.
* available now *

Chapter 22 – Autonomy
Now that we know what the general plans are for Ellie and Greer, where does that leave Eden? Meet her new scientist, Jonathon Tully, who seems oddly different than the others…
* available now *

Chapter 23 – The Notebook
Claire and Tanner come together again to discuss the symbol and what Tanner discovered about it from his father, but they also make an emotional discovery about their past.
* available now *

Chapter 24 – Without Words
The bond between Greer and Ellie grows stronger, and she learns his deepest fears about her future. They both know that they are under close surveillance at The Tower, so can they learn to communicate in other ways?
* available now *

Chapter 25 – The Mole
Have you been wondering who Langston’s mole is? This chapter not only answers that question, but also gives you answers to the burning questions from the beginning; who killed Zulia Montgomery, and why?
* available now *

Chapter 26 – Reunion
In this episode, we circle back to Felicity’s incarceration in The Tower due to her unauthorized pregnancy as she reconnects with Eden.
* available now *

Chapter 27 – The Fate of Jeffries
Now that Jeffries is psychologically bonded to Ellie, what does The Tower have in mind for his future? Knowing what we know about Bronson and The Tower, it can’t be good.
* available now *

Chapter 28 – Creepy Together
Claire Montgomery and Tanner White are both Beechwood misfits in their own ways, and they’ve been forming an awkward and reluctant friendship. They’re about to discover that their survival may depend on their ability to cooperate with each other in order to survive what The Tower has in store for their futures.
* available now *

Chapter 29 – The Flower
“Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for!” We FINALLY get to sneak a peek at Ellie’s potential mental abilities as a Six! Granted, these developments only end up pushing her and Greer even closer together… but if things aren’t complicated for relationships in Beechwood, is it really Beechwood?
* available now *

Chapter 30 – The Sting of Betrayal
Ellie’s growing bond with Greer is driving a wedge further between her and Eden, and that is a very difficult challenge for both of the girls to cope with. Eden just may have to put a tiny bit of her trust into John.
* available now *

Chapter 31 – What The Experiments Were Created For
Oh boy – we’re finally learning a bit about Bronson’s endgame and his true reason for creating the experiments! While it’s exciting to finally have some big reveals, they are definitely terrifying as well. Yikes.
* available now *

Chapter 32 – What Greer Did To Eden
We learned early on in the season that Greer and Eden had been screwing for years, but now we learn the dark truth about how that all began and why Eden is so horrified about Greer’s relationship with her twin sister Ellie.
* available now *

Chapter 33 – Bronson’s Endgame
Time for a bit more to trickle out about Bronson’s true plans for the future, and for the experiments. Egomaniac is the word that comes to mind…
* available now *

Chapter 34 – Tucker’s Cover
We know that Dr. Langston has had a mole planted in The Tower for quite some time now, and we finally learn who it is! Now so many small details make a ton of sense 🙂
* available now *

Chapter 35 – The Fail-Safe
Remember Dahlia Pratt, the experiment whom The Tower attempted to activate at too young of an age? Unsubstantiated rumors float around Beechwood in regard to exactly what happened to her and where she is now, but it’s time to revisit her situation and find out how she fits into Bronson’s ultimate plans.
* available now *

Chapter 36 – The Banana Experiment
There have been SO many heavy, emotional, and dark episodes that I had to throw in a tiny laugh for all of us. But it’s also important to check in with Claire and Tanner and to see how they’re progressing, as we know that all of the experiments are being tapered off of their neuro-suppressants in preparation for Bronson’s plans.
* available now *

Chapter 37 – Love Is A Weapon
Bronson meets Ellie face to face and starts his attempts to officially recruit her for his depraved endgame. Under not so subtle threats to Greer’s life, Ellie feels obligated to tell Bronson that she was willing to cooperate. Does he know that she’s lying?
* available now *

Chapter 38 – Ellie’s Gift
Our first episode from Felicity’s POV gives us a bit of insight into the turmoil that she’s been experiencing. Ellie realizes that she can sense Felicity’s baby, she she realizes what The Tower has been doing to him although none of the girls know what Bronson’s ultimate plans for the fetus are. Ellie vows to help Felicity and her unborn child in any way that she can.
* available now *

Chapter 39 – Trish’s Alliance
Remember earlier in the story when Trish slips a note to Ellie warning her that she was in danger? How did Trish know this information? It turns out that ever since Zulia’s death, she’s been in contact with the mole and helping to pass along vital information. The mole also believes that Felicity’s baby has some form of significance to Bronson’s plans, so he asks Trish to encourage Felicity to continue developing a relationship with the Atkins twins.
* available now *

Chapter 40 – Jaxon Actually Cares
Our first episode from Jaxon’s point of view; we learn more about why he has always been perceived as cruel and a huge jerk. He isn’t aware of Felicity’s pregnancy, but it turns out that he’s been worried about her ever since her disappearance. He goes to B. Smooth to recruit Tanner and Claire to help him discover the truth.
* available now *

Chapter 41 – In Life and In Death
We check back in with Ellie and Greer to discover that the telepathy that Ellie has been able to develop between then continues to grow, but with that Ellie’s continued dependence on Greer continues to grow, as well. Is he truly capable of change? His ability to change may directly coincide with Ellie’s ability to survive what’s to come. Yikes…
* available now *

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