Beechwood Episode 1: Jealousy Is An Ugly Thing


In the “pilot episode” of Beechwood, the mystery begins with the dead body of Zulia Montgomery discovered by her peers and sometimes-rivals, Eloise and Eden Atkins. The scientists of The Tower begin interviewing potential suspects, but they soon discover that although many people within Beechwood had a real or perceived reason to want to rid themselves of the Montgomery Subject, not a single, solitary lead can be found. Are the scientists losing their control over the Sixes, or did the Higher Ups orchestrate this murder to induce and study the fall-out of paranoia? If they did, Scientist Marisol Jeffries fears that it might be working…

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Work In Progress.
Prologue posted December 4, 2018
Chapter 1 to be posted Jan 1, 2019
Chapter 2 to be posted Jan 4, 2019