Who’s Who in Beechwood

The Beechwood-verse (“Beechwood” on Kindle Vella – an ongoing serial fiction murder mystery/drama) can get a bit complicated, so here is a character guide in alphabetical order to help you keep track of who is who! New characters will be added as needed.

Atkins, Eden: Eden is one of the twenty-one-year-old twins who is considered one of the “experiments” in Beechwood. She is labelled as a “six” due to the ACCE (Anterior Cerebral Cortex Experiments) having enlarged her anterior cerebral cortex which has improved her IQ and overall brain function.

Atkins, Ellie: Eden’s twin sister. She was raised to believe that she was less important to the experiments than Eden, and often overshadowed by her sister.

Barlow, Beckham: Zulia’s scientist

Bronson, James: The Big Cheese, the head of the ACCE.

Chen, Asher: Hendrix Joplin’s cellmate for five years, has the same tattoos on his arm as Barry Montgomery

Davis, Annabeth: Chanelle’s scientific partner.

Green, Felicity: An experiment, discovered to be pregnant.

Green, Willa: Felicity’s mother. Recruited into the ACCE due to having no biological family members that would potentially attempt to track her down. Had become close with Trish during their pregnancies.

Jeffries, Greer: Eden and Ellie’s scientist. Greer is an egomaniac who enjoys toying with twins above and beyond his assigned observations and testing.

Joplin, August – Hendrix and Jo’s son. He was saved in-utero by Dr. Bronson

Joplin, Hendrix – Sought help for his wife’s high-risk pregnancy during the beginning of the ACCE (knew nothing about it) and had a debt to pay to Bronson after Bronson saved his wife and son’s lives.

Joplin, Jo – (Jolene) Hendrix’s wife; August’s mother

Langston, Dr. (first name unknown) – Used to be research partners with James Bronson before the ACCE, but split with him over moral conflict when Bronson dived deeper into unconsensual human experimentation. He is aware of Bronson’s continued underground experiments in Beechwood and he is actively trying to find a way to stop him for good.

Matt (last name unknown) – August Joplin’s boyfriend, attends University of NM – Las Cruces campus

Montgomery, Barry: Zulia’s biological father. He met an untimely end via the scientists that headed the ACCE while Trish was still pregnant after threatening to go public with their illegal human experimentation.

Montgomery, Claire: An experiment, however a few things went wrong with the fetal experiments and she was born with some physical anomalies. She has been overlooked for most of her life, so she has made a habit of observing residents and keeping secretive written records of their daily activities.

Montgomery, Deb: Claire’s mother.

Montgomery, Trish: (Unrelated to Deb and Claire) Zulia’s mother.

Montgomery, Zulia: An “experiment” who was found murdered at the beginning of “Beechwood.” Ellie and Eden were the first to stumble upon her body.

Pratt, Dahlia: An “experiment” who had mysteriously disappeared when they were around the age of sixteen. She was rumored to have been defiant to her scientist and her disappearance served as a cautionary tale to the others.

Rothschild, Jaxon:
An experiment, often very nasty towards others.

Rothschild, Julia: Jaxon’s mother. Chanelle manipulated her into joining the ACCE when they were college roommates and Julia admitted to an accidental pregnancy.

Sidorov, Ivan – Felicity’s scientist. Russian.

White, Tanner: An experiment. Claire observed him to have tried to pursue Zulia in the past.

Wilson-Jeffries, Chanelle:
Greer’s wife. She joined the ACCE as a scientist early on in due to her fascination with Bronson and his important work.