“Meet Calliope Morgan, the sassy, sultry vampire anti-heroine you’ve been waiting for since Buffy”

Calliope Morgan was tired of explaining her medical status of vampirism to the world. She decides that if she can’t be cured, she might as well put her constant need for blood to good use. When dangerous criminals begin to disappear, Detective Brodie Colt is assigned to the case. Will he take her captive, or will she captivate him instead? Let the games begin…
* This serial contains adult-themed content.

Bleed is a serialized vampire dark romance story making its debut on Kindle Vella! New “episodes” are added every Wednesday.

Chapter 1 – The Girl That Monsters Fear
Meet Calliope Morgan. She has a blood cancer that needs consistent transfusions, but the cancer is rampant and there aren’t’ enough donors. She found a unique solution; she began killing rapists.
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Chapter 2 – Bloodpocalypse
After getting the blood she needed from Whiskey Odor, Calliope heads back to Motel 6, but she realizes that she’s been followed.
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Chapter 3 – Son of Darkness
The first episode from Brodie’s POV! We learn a little bit more about who he really is, which is more than just a detective on the tail of young serial killer.
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Chapter 4 – A Disappointing Ninety Seconds
After fleeing Motel 6, Calliope has no where to go. She ends up at a Denny’s and flirts her way home with a waiter, but she makes a startling discovery about a suburban murder with details eerily similar to how her mother was killed.
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Chapter 5 – Terror and Desire
Brodie and Calliope finally collide! It turns out that the terror Calliope had been feeling wasn’t from Brodie’s pursuit of her after all, but the pull they have toward each other still goes far beyond human desire.
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Chapter 6 – The Darkness
Brodie breaks the news to Calliope that there’s more to her bloodlust than a cancer, and he clues her in on who he really is, as well.
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Chapter 7 – Kitten
Calliope may realize that Brodie is not out to harm her, but that doesn’t squash her instinct to run. Can Brodie convince her to stay with him in secret while his fellow detectives continue their hunt for the Rapist Killer?
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Chapter 8 – Whose Blood Is This?
Calliope finds a blood-stained knife hidden in Brodie’s home and confronts him, wondering if he too is a killer just like her.
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Chapter 9 – Profile
Calliope’s murder spree has caught the attention of the FBI and they send their behavioral analyses unit to Seattle to assist the police at Brodie’s precinct.
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