“Meet Calliope Morgan, the sassy, sultry vampire anti-heroine you’ve been waiting for since Buffy, and the demon hottie who can’t get enough of her.”

As if Calliope Morgan’s life wasn’t complicated enough, she finds herself faced with a diagnosis of blood cancer when the blood banks were already running dry. She decides that if she can’t be cured, she might as well put her constant need for blood to good use.

When dangerous criminals begin to disappear in Seattle, Detective Brodie Colt is assigned to the case, but it turns out the mysterious hottie on her tail has dark secrets of his own. Will he take the vampire captive, or will she captivate him instead? Let the games begin…

* This story contains adult-themed content.

BLEED is a spicy vampire dark romance first and foremost on Kindle Vella, but Season 1 is AVAILABLE NOW on Kindle, KU, will be available in Print on March 24th.

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