Dark World

In 2078, sixteen-year-old Ruby R-1046 is introduced to her future mate, Connor C-2246. Over half a century after an alien invasion pillaged our oceans and changed our planet’s orbit, what is left of humanity has survived by living in a large underground fall-out shelter that began construction after satellites first picked up alien transmissions in 2016. The Complex is governed by strict laws referred to as Doctrine; such as once you reach age sixty, you are “put to sleep” because you are too old to be of use, and your life-mate is chosen for you via a genetic assessment for optimum breeding. No one is allowed near the surface and people are told the only living creatures that survive in the toxic wastelands that used to be our continents are cannibalistic mutant monsters.

Ruby is ordered to wed Connor when she turns eighteen, but her heart desires someone else. On her sixteenth birthday, the secret love of her life leads her to a forbidden, sealed off passageway and introduces her to Silver, a strange and unkept young girl who has no ID chip embedded in her wrist, and she seems to know nothing about The Complex. She tells Ruby and Reese that she is from Earth’s surface. As the two rebellious teenagers attempt to find out the truth about this unique stranger, they slowly begin to uncover a sinister entanglement of lies, genocide and the governments willingness to destroy an entire planet in an attempt to control and “genetically improve” a whole new version of humanity.

The first installment, The Surface Girl, is currently available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 (or FREE if you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited!) or in Print for $10.99

The second installment, The Lockdown, is also currently available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 (or FREE if you’re subscribed to Kindled Unlimited!) or in Print for $10.99

The third installment, The Ice Hunters, is also currently available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 (or FREE if you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited!) or in Print for $11.99

The fourth installment, Silver’s Legacy, will be available in winter 2020. Check back for more updates coming soon!

The Dark World Series will span a total of six novels, along with FREE short stories and bonus content right here on this blog!

bonus content

Introducing the Dark World Series – The Prologue
Read the prologue to the series FREE right here on Kell Frillman’s blog

A companion story to the Dark World Series. Commander SueLee’s daughter recalls the tragic events of her life from her point of view that lead to her sordid fate. A blog-exclusive, this short story is FREE to read right here on Kell Frillman’s blog.

Meet The Characters Of Dark World!
View likeness photos and read short bios of every character that makes an appearance throughout the series.

Logan’s Journal
Logan’s Journal is a series of journal entries written from the POV of main character Ruby’s grandfather. The entries begin in 2026 when Logan is fourteen years old, four years after an alien invasion forced all survivors to gather in a giant underground compound soon to be known as “The Complex.” The entries detail his account of the chaos after the invasion, how the government formed Doctrine, and what it was like for him personally to know the free world as a child, while being forced to adjust to imprisonment as a teen.

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