The Lockdown – Dark World Series Volume 2

Dark World : The Lockdown
is the second installment of a six book series. It is currently available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 or FREE if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. It is also available in print for $10.99 (Free shipping if you are a member of Amazon Prime!)

After spending their entire lives being deceived by the government to believe that the earth above the fall-out shelter known as The Complex was unable to sustain life after the alien invasion of 2022, Ruby, Reese, Silver, their families, and the members of The Order of the Elements, a secret group of government rebels, are in hiding. The government, lead by the merciless Commander SueLee, has taken hostages in order to control the Order. When they refuse to surrender, the public executions begin. The Order must decide what’s more important, saving the people they love or their only chance at freedom.

“Excellent continuation of a gripping series! I bought this book the minute I finished book 1, and wasn’t disappointed. The action and suspense were kicked up a notch, with unexpected revelations increasing the intensity.”

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